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    UK Global Talent Visa

    Biogreentech UK Limited is a business advisory and consulting service enterprise with 25+ years of experience and represents multinational companies in the UK. We help entrepreneurs and technology experts to fulfil their ambition to relocate to the UK.

    Using our our full suite of business advisory services which we have immense practical experience of, in the UK. Alongside our specialised network partners we offer an array of services, from advising company formation, website build, advance CRM tools to generate business demand, business model selection and growth prospects, UK government funding support for innovative businesses, competitive landscape and financial modelling. As well as Start-UP Visa, Innovator Visa and Global Talent Visa’s to help aspiring entrepreneurs and technology professionals to relocate to the United Kingdom.

    The UK has a long history of immigration. Being a world leader in science and technology, arts, culture, and engineering, the UK is a home for skilled people worldwide. In line with this, the UK’s government launched the Global Talent Visa on the 20th of February 2020 to attract more of the world’s most talented people in fields that the visa covers.

    What is a Global Talent Visa?

    The British government has recognised that the UK must be highly attractive to domain experts to remain competitive. Therefore, they introduced a specific talent-based immigration category; The Global Talent visa. This visa is available for internationally recognised world leaders or potential world-leading talent in science and medicine, engineering, humanities, digital technology, arts and culture, and research which requires a visa to work in the UK.

    Who can apply for the Global Talent Visa?

    To be eligible for immigration under the Global Talent visa, applicants must obtain endorsement from one of the home office’s six endorsing bodies. Endorsing organisations include:

    • The Royal Society, for science and medicine.

    The Royal Society is able to endorse experts in the field of maths, chemistry, physics, certain types of engineering, environmental science, biochemistry, biology, physiology, neuroscience, ecology and clinical sciences. To make this application, you will need to hold a PhD or equivalent qualification and hold a research fellowship.

    • The Royal Academy of Engineering, for engineering.
    • The Royal Academy of Engineering can endorse applications in engineering, including mechanical, process, civil, biomedical, electrical, information communication technology and engineering policy. To make this application, you will need to hold a PhD or equivalent qualification and hold a research fellowship.
    • The British Academy, for humanities.

    The British Academy can endorse applications in humanities, social sciences, literature, theology and law. To make this application, you will need to hold a PhD or equivalent qualification and hold a research fellowship.

    The Royal Society, The Royal Academy of engineering and The British Academy: Researchers seeking endorsement for a Global Talent visa

    Eligibility criteria for The Royal Society, The Royal Academy of Engineering and The British Academy

    • Tech Nation, for digital technology.

    Tech Nation’s criteria are designed for applicants with technical and business skills in the digital technology sector. Suitable skill types are listed below.

    Technical applicants must demonstrate proven technical expertise with the latest technologies in building, using, deploying, exploiting a technology stack, and building technological infrastructure.

    Business applicants must demonstrate a proven commercial, investment, or product expertise in building digital products or leading investments in significant digital product businesses.


    • DevOps / SysOps engineers
    • Principal software engineers/developers
    • Experienced data scientists/data engineers
    • Artificial intelligence, natural language
    • Processing and machine learning experts (AI, NLP, ML)
    • Cybersecurity experts
    • Hardware engineers
    • Experienced front-end developers
    • Operating systems engineers
    • Experienced video game developers
    • Experienced UX/UI designers
    • Experienced mobile app developers
    • Experienced back end developers leading the development of or contributing heavily to significant new technologies or open-source projects (e.g. Blockchain, Scala, Golang, Elasticsearch etc.
    • CTO or VP engineering experience managing teams of in-house employees at a growing digital business
    • Virtual and augmented reality developers


    • Experience leading substantial VC investment over GBP 25m
    • Experience as a commercial/business lead (P&L, growth, sales and distribution strategy) in a digital business
    • Experience in expanding or growing a significant product-led digital technology business
    • Sector-specific experience e.g. payment infrastructure in FinTech / international expansion in EdTech etc.
    • Solution sales experts
    • Experienced product manager
    • SaaS or enterprise sales leadership for digital services
    • Solution sales skills performed for a growing B2B digital business (i.e. not big-company experience)
    • Performance marketing experts, committed to in house digital businesses
    • Experienced and senior VC or PE analysts with track records of leading investments in digital businesses
    • Experience as C Suite in a SMEs + (CEO, CMO, CIO) or head of operations for a digital business

    THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS FOR APPLICANTS APPLYING FOR ENDORSEMENT BY TECH NATION: Leader (called ‘exceptional talent’) and emerging leader (called ‘exceptional promise’). Applicants must either: meet the mandatory and two optional “exceptional talent” criteria in the table below(OR) meet the mandatory and two optional “exceptional promise” measures  in the table below.


    (Leader in relevant field)

    An applicant evidencing exceptional talent must:

    Mandatory Criterion: show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector

    Optional Criteria:  provide evidence of 2 of the following:

    • A proven track record for innovation as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept
    • Proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field
    • They have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the area as a founder, senior executive or employee of a product-led digital technology company
    • They have demonstrated exceptional academic contributions by academic contributions through research published or endorsed by an expert.


    • Potential leader in relevant field
    • An applicant evidencing Exceptional Promise must:
    • Mandatory criterion: show they have been recognised as having the potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field
    • Optional criteria: provide evidence of at least 2 of the following:
    • At least two product-led examples of innovation as a founder of a product-led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept
    • Proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field
    • They have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the area as a founder or employee of a product-led digital technology company
    • At least two examples of exceptional ability in the field by academic contributions or through research endorsed by an expert.
    • Arts Council England, for arts and culture.
    • Arts Council England can endorse talented and promising individuals in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, literature, museums, galleries and combined skills. They can also endorse gifted individuals in film, television, animation, post-production and visual effects.
    • All applicants must provide no more than three letters of support, along with no more than ten individual pieces of supporting evidence.
    • Letters of support from the UK and overseas-based cultural organisation are established nationally and internationally and recognised as having expertise in your field of arts and culture, film and television or architecture. At least one of the three letters must be from a UK based organisation, and only one of the three letters can be from an eminent individual. The letters from organisations must be from separate organisations.
    • Applicants must provide supporting documents in at least two of three categories; media recognition, international awards, proof of appearances, publications, exhibitions or distribution of your work.
    • Documents of individuals applying for (1) film, television, animation, postproduction and visual effects, (2) fashion design and (2) Architecture
    • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), for research applicants
    • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will consider applications from individuals operating in the scientific community who will be hosted or employed at a UK research organisation deemed acceptable by UKRI.  Applicants must provide critical contributions to work supported by a substantial research grant or award from a specifically endorsed funder listed in the immigration rules.
    • The visa was designed as a fast and efficient route into the UK for leading scientists and researchers from around the world and their teams. It supports the international mobility of researchers and other specialists, which is vital to the pursuit of new ideas and technology. It is open to EU and international applications and has four routes:
    • A senior appointment or an individual fellowship at an approved institution
    • Through a grant by an endorsed funder
    • Through peer review
    • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) operates the endorsed funder route of the visa. Its global mobility team worked to simplify the application process and reduce the bureaucracy involved in obtaining a permit to research in the UK. To apply, you’ll need a copy of the grant award letter. You’ll also need a dated letter from the director of human resources at the organisation hosting your research project.

    Global Talent visa routes: promise & talent

    There are two routes available – exceptional talent is for people considered leaders in their field, and exceptional promise is for people who have the potential to become leaders in their area. One of our expert team members can help you to understand which endorsement route you should apply.

    Advantages of Global Talent visa

    • The visa comes with many benefits over its counterpart, the Tier 2 ‘skilled worker visa:
    • Fastest settlement route: successful applicants can apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) within three years and ultimately, British citizenship within four years
    • Numerous advantages for the family: advantages for individuals and their partners and their dependants wishing to establish in the UK
    • Exempted from the entry requirements: language tests, minimum salary thresholds and minimum fund maintenance
    • You do not need a sponsor: you don’t need a job/company sponsorship to come to the UK, you can stay in the UK without a job, you are allowed to do any job, you can enter and leave the UK anytime, and as many times you wish.
    • Freedom of choices: change roles and join organisations without permission from the home office, enter self-employment, set up your company and earn additional income from consultancy or other sources which may or may not relate to the field
    • Most attractive benefits: no cap on the number of visas granted, choose the length of your visa, renew multiple times, fast career growth, free access to broader exceptional talents and global leaders network, inexpensive process, highly flexible as per your needs, fast track option available, and absences are allowed in the context of applications for settlement.

    Global Talent Visa- Application Process

    You can apply for a Global Talent visa from within or outside the UK, and the application process involves two stages.

    Stage 1: Endorsement

    In the first stage, you must submit your application to the applicable endorsing body for endorsement. The endorsing body will then review the application and assess you based on specific criteria, such as your skills, abilities, and achievements in the niche industry, and advise the Home Office on whether the endorsement should be issued. This stage takes up to 8 weeks to be processed. If your application is considered under ‘fast track’, you may get an endorsement decision in 3 weeks.

    Important Note: Stage one should not be confused with the immigration process. It is a process for getting an endorsement.

    Stage 2: Visa application or immigration:

    After gaining an endorsement, you can proceed to the second stage, the visa application itself. If you earn an endorsement, you are guaranteed a Global Talent visa (subject to regular immigration checks).

    You must apply for the Global Talent Visa within three months of receiving your endorsement from one of the endorsement bodies. You must submit a copy of the endorsement letter that was emailed to you when your endorsement application was approved, a valid passport and other travel document and if the applicant is from one of the countries on the Home Office’s TB testing list, tuberculosis (TB) test result letter is required. This stage usually takes up to 3 weeks if you’re outside the UK and up to 8 weeks inside the UK.

    Global Talent visa cost

    • Government fee for stage 1 endorsement application: £456
    • Government fee for stage 2 visa application fee: £152 for you or the principal applicant
    • Healthcare surcharge: £624 per year for each person
    • Global Talent visa validity and indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
    • Global Talent visa is granted up to a maximum of 5 years in a single application, and applicants can choose the length of their visa. For example.

    Mr Gupta is an Indian national in digital technology and grated Global Talent endorsement from Tech Nation – a digital technology endorsement body. When Mr Gupta applies for the stage 2 immigration or visa, he can choose how much leave (in years) up to a maximum of 5 years he wishes to be granted in a single application. This flexibility allows him to minimise the immigration health surcharge payment, to come to the UK for three years.

    Suppose Mr Gupta decides that he wants to stay for longer than he anticipated, and for any reason, he cannot apply for settlement. In that case, he is eligible to apply for an extension of stay on the Global Talent route.

    To qualify for indefinite leave to remain in the Global Talent category, Mr Gupta must have spent not more than 180 days outside the UK during any rolling 12 months during the continuous period of leave relied upon. However, Global Talent migrants who hold leave following an endorsement by one of the endorsing bodies for science, engineering, humanities and medicine and who have undertaken research overseas directly related to their grant of leave will not have such absences counted when they apply for settlement.  Partners of Global Talent migrants will be treated in the same way.

    Unsuccessful Endorsement Applications: Review & Reapplication

    If your application for endorsement is unsuccessful, you have the right to submit an endorsement review requesting that the decision be reassessed.  The review enables you to identify any mistakes in processing your application.  Under review, the new evidence cannot be presented, and you cannot alter your initial application.

    If your review appeal has been unsuccessful, you can consider making a new Global Talent application for endorsement. If you make a new application, carefully consider how you might improve your application based on the previous endorsement decision and the provided feedback.

    How can we help?

    We are a team of Global Talent Visa endorsement experts assisting talented and promising individuals globally in science, engineering, medicine, humanities, digital technology, arts, and culture wishing to live and work in the UK.

    We are very distinctive from an ordinary immigration consulting company, as we not only advise you in your endorsement matters but also equally get involved in the writing and rewriting process. Given the case Global Talent visa endorsement stage involves a stringent documentation process and requires very high-level subject matter experts to prepare the endorsement application, we are our client’s first choice. After all, for Global Talent endorsement, you need technical experts, not immigration experts.

    In our approach, we always deploy a creative, quality and responsible business approach, and our team are the brightest minds from respective endorsement fields. Through the breadth and depth of their collective expertise and experience, we offer an outstanding service to our clients. We help our clients in the end-to-end Global Talent visa application process in a considerably cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We also provide many complimentary services – Stage 2 visa application, job placement, review file, and re-application.

    Our consultative process is transparent and the success rate is higher than the standard market rate making us the UK’s no 1 Global Talent visa endorsement experts. Our actions speak louder than words, and that encourages our clients to turn to us to navigate them through their most significant career transitions and international career challenges.

    Please note: that the data presented here are taken from the official websites of the endorsing bodies. In our attempt to give accurate information, we have not altered or changed any data.

    The above government fees, and endorsing bodies’ fees are indicative and subject to change as per the latest government notifications. Should you have any queries in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact us at