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    Features & Functionality

    Features & Functionality

    We aim to address the challenges with a considerable reduction in costs with the following features provided within our healthcare solution:

    • Automated Appointment Booking
    • Appointment Scheduling and Management
    • Digital Patient Medical History Collection
    • On-demand prescription and reports – Integration with EHR
    • Daily Medication Reminder
    • Automated Email Integration
    • Pre-Consultation Diagnostic
    • EHR system collaboration
    • Automated Training of Assistant
    • Live Representative hand-off
    • Actionable Analytics
    • Customer Insights
    Features & Functionality
    Actionable Analytics

    Actionable Analytics

    While previously their representatives had to manually keep a track of different customers that contact them, AI assistant is a powerful tool for automated analytics.

    It now keeps a track of:

    • Every user
    • Conversation Transcripts
    • Channel of contact
    • Customer satisfaction
    Actionable Analytics