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    The way we navigate our world is becoming more and more aligned with the technology we use. Whether this is a fitness app or click n collect your shopping. How we interact with our surroundings is now 50% digital. This increase in digital technology usage has a knock on effect. Effects like increased need for data centres, increase in power usage and an increase in waste.

    Our aim is to help reduce these effects with our services and products.


    Global policy is moving towards green and sustainable living, so it’s more important than ever that your business can prove its green credentials.

    All our services are aimed to help your business be greener and sustainable, from streamlining stock management to reduce delivery miles, to supporting your understanding of your company’s carbon footprint.


    Technologies like AI, machine learning and automation are starting to be commonplace.

    From smart speakers in our homes to automated financial management and AI assisted learning.

    We search the globe for innovative products and services to streamline business in Fashion Retail, Finance, education and Healthcare.

    A greener future

    The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.” – Thomas Sigsgaard. Designer

    BioGreenTech (BGT) is a multi-discipline technology enterprise consultancy. Working with scaling technology providers to access new markets. Delivering value, innovation and experience through emerging technologies to end customers and always with a focus on sustainability.

    We use our multi-industry experience and a trusted partner network to deliver these services to the right customers.

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    Putting the Green in BioGreentech

    Putting the Green in BioGreentech

    We all need to play our part to reverse climate change, destruction of habitats and maintain our environment.

    At home we recycle, we buy ethically and locally when possible but we can also do more.

    We can start to play our part at work too. This includes everything we do in our homes but now we need to consider the type of services and products we use and supply.

    At BioGreenTech we are no different. We are committed to making the world a greener environment and a sustainable environment, test we we donate 10% of all profits to green causes.

    Putting the Green in BioGreentech

    Technology News

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    1st January 2020
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